Chromoly. This material is often used, especially when it really matters: In automobile and aircraft engineering, and for numerous tubus carriers. Our chromoly offers an enormous tensile strength: more than 700 N/mm², and in addition, excellent welding properties, that we turn into excellent carrier properties.

Stainless steel
Stainless steel is frequently referred to as corrosion-free steel. However, the more correct definition would be: corrosion-resistant steel. Under extreme conditions, flash corrosion might, in some places, even occur on our stainless steel racks. This is, however, not a severe problem; a little polishing job and your rack will shine again — for a lifetime. No coating needed.

Titanium is employed in all areas that require highest strength-to-weight ratio, as for example in aerospace industry. Titanium has some very useful properties: it is resistant to most organic acid and alkaline solutions, diluted saline and nitric acids, and to corrosion. At least in temperatures up to 880 °C. This makes our titanium racks the functional non plus ultra for trips to the Polar Circle and the Death Valley.