We're sticklers for details. So that you can improvise along the way.

We bend wafer-thin steel tubes to create really robust, perfectly shaped luggage carriers - hand-made and laboriously surface-finished. There aren't many companies that can even do this. And nobody can do it better than we can. This is because we work tirelessly to make it easier for you to carry luggage on your bike. With luggage carriers that make your journey easier and more comfortable. With luggage carriers that have made a name for themselves throughout the world. With luggage carriers that we specifically developed to be used all around the world and to make a name for themselves in this very way.


For 30 years, tubus has been the globally leading brand for durable bike luggage carriers made from steel tube. Because the quality's right. From the first sketch to our internally produced test series and finally the finished carrier. We ensure quality by means of constant product maintenance and test methods that are supposedly the most stringent in the branch.

We have so much confidence in our carriers that we're happy to provide you with a 30-year guarantee. And a three-year “mobile guarantee” to boot! You and your tubus: A great journey - no matter how long it becomes.

30 Jahre Garantie             3 Jahre Mobilitätsgarantie


Really strong. Light as a feather. Ready for your journey. Today, you'll find a tubus carrier on practically every high-end touring bike. They're found on the bikes of people who want to achieve something: A great time on their bike! People who want to carry luggage but not burdens.


There are strict testing standards for luggage carriers. But at the end of the day, your trip gets to decide what your equipment needs to endure.

And because your journey to your destination is not standardised, we simulate the actual stresses that a luggage carrier faces when under way and adapt the test conditions in line with this. The testing facilities we've developed go far beyond the requirements of DIN and ISO - just like you when you're out on your journey.

We expose our luggage carriers to acid in our salt spray system and torture them with extensive vibration and oscillation tests - fully loaded, so: A tubus luggage carrier that has to withstand the pressures of going on a journey with you must be able to survive the tests defined in our own standards safe and sound. And our standards are a lot stricter than others! This is how tubus luggage carriers have earned their legendary reputation.

* ISO 11243:2016 requires that all luggage carriers with a carrying capacity of 27 kg or more automatically be approved for the attachment of child seats, too. In our opinion, transporting children on luggage carriers is dangerous, so we voluntarily restrict the carrying capacity of tubus luggage carriers to max. 26 kg, thus excluding the attachment of child seats and/or the transport of children on our carriers. This restriction has only the legal reasons mentioned above. tubus carriers are still tested with considerably higher luggage loads (which are specified for each product in brackets).

Lateral test

Just as in reality: Back and forth. If it bends it’s not a tubus carrier.
1 Hz
100.000 cycles
28 hours

Vertical test

Potholes, dirt roads, cobblestone, our carriers know all of them and a lot worse–from our test laboratory.
7 Hz
100.000 cycles
4 hours

Vertical stress test

What load can my tubus carrier take really without any problem in serious terrain? We will find out for you.
Static stress with 3 times the nominal stress

Lateral tensile load

Our carriers must withstand quite some tension without influencing the riding stability.
Static lateral load (force of nominal load)

UV test

We love sun, but for some materials it is detrimental and accelerates aging and fading. However, our surfaces have no problem with sun rays. So let the sun shine!
Material stability and colour fastness

Salt spray test

Aggressive salts and chemicals will attack surfaces. Therefore we put high emphasis on high resistance.
Resistance to acids/chemicals.


Also based in Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, is our sister brand, racktime. Here, you can get everything you need for a modern urban lifestyle on a bike: Smart bags, cool baskets, and carriers for any occasion. And the patented Snapit system means that you can securely attach practically anything to the luggage carrier in the twinkling of an eye. One click and you're done!

Hebie: Bike accessories made in Bielefeld for 150 years

Practically no company has more right to lay claim to the term “traditional manufacturer” than Hebie: For the last 150 years, this family company has been a firm part of the world of bikes. It provides demanding bicycle-lovers around the world with perfect bike protection solutions and first-class bike stands. And because Bielefeld-based Hebie and Münster-based tubus are a perfect fit, both in terms of the quality of our products and our attitude towards people and the environment, we'll be travelling the same path together as of 2018.